Leaving the issue of values well clarified will help you a lot in choosing the professional, and asking for a quote beforehand

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This makes it easier when establishing a contract with him. Another possibility and the hiring of
construction companies, many people end up hiring a freelance professional because they think
the service is more affordable, but this can be a mistake, in many cases the values can be very
similar, however when talking company guarantees are better, if you choose a construction
company there is a certainty that your work will end and if it does not stay as you wish, there is
nowhere to complain and be compensated. Very important point and on the issue of paints, if
you are going to buy or the painter is going to buy, if the painter is to be the buyer, ask him to
choose high quality materials so as not to generate any damage to your property. Establish in
contract all the phases of the project, term and dates for the work to be delivered, it does not
have to be an exact term with a set date, but at least the number of months or weeks that the
painting will be ready.